In 1980, architect Fleetwood Joiner formed a firm that specialized in commercial and retail projects, along with multi-family housing and specialized senior care facilities. Joiner’s first custom homes were designed for commercial clients who appreciated his passion, integrity, personal service, and attention to detail. As more developers requested custom homes for their own use, the firm quickly became recognized for unique and varied custom residential designs. Joiner later formed Avalon Architectural, Inc., in recognition of the independent talents of the architects working with him. Fleetwood’s clients are diverse industry leaders, developers, innovators and artists who are energized by their life’s pursuits, and the firm’s designs reflect that.

Fleetwood Joiner and his team are locally and internationally known for their client-focused custom home designs ranging from the largest home built on the California Coast, to 3,000-square foot architectural jewels, to a 5,000-acre ranch compound. From Hawaii and Florida to Saudi Arabia, Southeast Asia and South America, the Newport Beach, California-based firm has completed highly functional and luxurious homes that embrace the sites’ surroundings and stand the test of time. Historically correct traditional homes, authentic regional architectural styles, high-tech features, and ultra-modern aesthetics are all within their expertise. The architects pride themselves on being good listeners, operating on the premise that at the core of every great home is the client’s unique objectives.

Fleetwood Joiner brings decades of experience to site-specific commercial solutions for developers. The firm has expertise in designing retail malls, office and industrial complexes, tenant improvements, power centers, recreational facilities, hotels, restaurants, and medical laboratories. Successful commercial projects have been developed in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and Mexico. FJ strives to create functional, creative, efficient and cost-effective design solutions that meet the specific goals of the developer and their tenants.

FJ's projects involve the master planning of mixed use communities, multi-family housing, apartments and condominium projects, senior housing and related care facilities, low income and modular housing research & development. FJ also specializes in development programming, project renovation and space planning, master planning, land use planning, and working with the EPA on contaminated and environmentally sensitive sites.