"Regardless of our project scope, design, or geographic location, your firm has always approached our building and design project requests around our family’s personal input.
Custom residential client

What a pleasure it has been for us to work with such a professional architectural firm! The experience of building an exceptionally elegant and finely detailed 22,000 square foot home in budget and on time was the direct result of the owner, architect, designer and builder working together on a common goal. The design and budget phase allowed our client to merge her vision and lifestyle with your artistry, while we brought material and trade costs in line with your design and our client’s budget. Once under construction, the prompt response of your team answering our numerous and detailed questions supported the very aggressive schedule without any compromise to design, material or quality.
Bart Jones
CFO, Merlin Contracting, Las Vegas, Nevada

Over the past few years, and given a range of product types that most recently included a new retail center, you and your team of professionals have worked with us seamlessly to achieve highly creative design results, at times under the most difficult circumstances…Our successes are due in large part to your outstanding relationships with numerous governmental agencies and your depth of experience-based understanding of municipal requirements; thus ensuring that we avoid costly and time consuming surprises.
Michael Hall, Ph.D.,
President, Colony Pacific Development

Fleetwood Joiner and his team's unique concept has made our projects leaders in their industries. Most recently they have accomplished a virtually impossible addition to our facility in Anaheim. Joiner also recently designed a major renovation on our Tustin apartment complex, whose results have been astonishing. The renovation has completely restored and rejuvenated the property. Most importantly, it was designed and executed in an economical fashion.
Aron Rainone
Rainone Enterprises

After seeing the intensity of his creative and work habits, I elected to utilize Fleetwood’s services for the creation of my new 75,000 square foot dental lab, and 9,500 square foot harbor-view home, both in Newport Beach. Fleetwood’s solutions to our needs have been exceptional, even as we continue to grow and expand our product line…[and] his ability to interpret desires, envision the completed project and attend to artistic details has given the home continuity and a timeless design.
James R. Glidewell
CEO, Glidewell Laboratories

"We find FJ and his team to be great listeners, easy to work with, responsive to our needs and wants, and very talented designers.
Custom residential client

After being in the home furnishing and interior design business for all of my adult life, it was finally time for me to build my dream home. I interviewed what I thought were the nation’s best architects. I decided on Fleetwood after an intensive interview period. I found…that he is above all a terrific listener…I am an architectural history buff and thought I knew quite a bit about the subject, only to be overmatched with Fleetwood’s knowledge of history. I incorporated a lot of the ancient architectural history in my very contemporary home.
Michael Kreiss,
President and CEO, Kreiss Enterprises, Inc.

"Innovative site planning, creative interpretation of codes and persistence with governmental agencies allow us to get our projects built in a timely manner.
Eddie Fischer
LeBaron Investments

Your attention to detail continues to amaze me in our home, even seven years later. The way our home has grown and evolved looks like the original picture boards you brought into one of our first design meetings with images from your travels to Italy and France. Thank you for keeping the authenticity of the French Provencal Farmhouse, we love it and our boys love to use all of the quaint European courtyards throughout our home. It is such a nice escape from the hustle bustle of our days. I know the HOA guidelines were very strict on both of our projects… so thank you for handling it so well and communicating with all those involved on our projects in a timely manner. Your vast knowledge and ability to work with many styles of architecture was really showcased on our two very different projects and styles.
Custom residential client

We’ve known and worked with Fleetwood Joiner and his elite team of talented architects for many years, on several projects...The last two projects they’ve designed for us have been in the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant. These two projects were very well received by the Art Jury, and received minimal comments before being approved...Fleetwood and his team designed a fantastic 9,000 square foot house with a five car garage that fit well on the site, didn’t overpower it, and required no subterranean rooms… We highly recommend their services to anyone wishing to design and build an exceptional custom home, whether in the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant, or elsewhere.
Custom residential client

"Fleetwood Joiner and Associtates have become the architectural firm of choice for not only our senior housing projects but also for our low cost housing, office, retail and hotel projects both in the western United States and Mexico.
Rodney F. Emery
CEO, Steadfast Companies